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Marketing Strategy

Don’t leave your marketing to chance 

Businesses that do well always have a clear, focussed  marketing strategy that guides the entire organisation. 

When you use Glowsphere to produce your marketing strategy, we’ll prepare a full marketing audit that will examine your company’s internal and external environment in detail. This will include spending a day with you and your team to really get to know your business. We’ll also fully research your industry, carry out a competitor analysis and hold interviews with your clients so we can get a 360 degree view of your company and its customer experience.

The development of a full marketing strategy typically takes between 4-6 weeks, after which you’ll be presented with a full report of all our findings, together with the recommendations on what steps to take, together with a full marketing plan.



ShopAppy was launched in 2016 by Yorkshire entrepreneur Dr Jackie Mulligan. A local online click and collect service, it allows consumers to buy goods from small indepdendent retailers and collect their shopping in the evening when shops are usually closed.

Glowsphere was proud to be involved in a project for ShopAppy during its early stages when the service first launched in a number of Yorkshire towns. The project included:

• Segmentation: The research and profiling of ten different customer personas
• The copywriting and design of a series of leaflets for shop owners and service users
• An e-newsletter communications plan and template design
• Blog writing