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Christmas TV adverts

Christmas TV adverts. Which one’s your favourite?

I can’t remember the exact moment that the Christmas TV Advert became ‘a thing’ but I’m pretty sure it all kicked off in 2012 when John Lewis produced that snowman advert that everyone was talking about. Titled ‘The Journey,’ the story told us of a snowman who battled miles over fields, mountains, rivers and finally…
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Hotel Chocolat

Taking chocolate from bean to bar

Making chocolate is big business. We took a trip to St Lucia to visit the Rabot Estate, home of Hotel Chocolat’s cocoa plantation to learn more about the chocolate making process.   St Lucia’s old capital, Soufriere isn’t much to look at with its down-at-heel streets, but head up the steep jungle-sided lanes towards the…
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The mysterious world of SEO

Inbound links and SEO   One thing I frequently get asked as a Marketing Consultant is “Can you get my business in the top 3 on Google?” Sounds like a simple enough question – yet the answer as to how it is achieved is far from straightforward. Just over four years ago, I remember starting…
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The rise of the Micro-influencer

Who are Micro-influencers and how do you become one? Last week I was watching a fascinating programme about Singapore Airlines. In case you missed it, the airline has just released its new fleet of A380 planes, each of which takes first-class travel to a whole new level. Gone are the days of the first class…
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FCK Bucket

What a week for chicken

When FCK becomes an acronym for um….sorry Whilst the news headlines spoke of the current crisis in Syria, the antics of Donald Trump and the latest debate over Brexit, last week saw us faced with a crisis far more important on the streets of Britain. Yes, that’s right. A breaded chicken famine. Having not eaten…
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Yorkshire Real Ale

The Real Taste Of Yorkshire

Cruising for beer with Brewtown Tours   Always keen to try local produce, we were asked by local entrepreneur Mark Stredwick if we’d like to join him on one of his Brewtown Tours. Launched in April 2017, his innovative road trips give both locals and visitors a personalised, friendly and convenient way to visit some…
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